Are you the right counsellor for me?

Having the right counsellor is so important, and it’s worth doing a little research to determine which feels the most suitable for you. Please feel free to contact me and we can arrange an initial session to talk through your situation, as well as how I can support you. From this session, you will get a strong sense of whether I am right to support your inner journey.

How confidential is counselling?

Counselling is a strictly confidential service, with the session not being revealed to anyone. However, there are occasions in which statutory law and the BACP ethical framework obliges me to breach confidentiality and share information to third parties in case of harming yourself, others and child abuse.

How long do sessions last and how often will we meet?

Counselling sessions will last for 50 minutes and ideally be weekly. The length of counselling is discussed in our initial session, and will be based on your desired outcomes and the issues that you want to explore. I normally recommend a minimum of six sessions to give us a chance to fully settle in, however we can discuss the best course of action during our initial session.

Can counselling help me?

Often people seek counselling in the hope of finding a cure to what is troubling them, however this is misleading as no counsellor can resolve a situation on their behalf, only providing support to enable them to seek clarity. I always advise you to approach counselling with the idea of finding a safe environment to feel free in exploring your emotions and feelings. It is a place where you can loosen up from stigmas and limited beliefs to enable you to make sense of your own experiences.

How much will counselling cost?

My fee range is £45-£65 and is based on income. I take individual circumstances into consideration if necessary (please do not be afraid to ask).