Creating your life


Life has a wonderful and mysterious way of throwing challenges in front of you. From the dizzying highs of joy, delight and excitement, to the sticky lows of sadness, loss and emptiness; we all face this continuous cycle that never rests. As life increasingly gets busier and more demanding , it’s easy to become overwhelmed with the pace and energy, as if life is guiding you and not the other way around (which is what it should and CAN be).

When life feels heavy, take a moment to assess your current situation and ask yourself a simple question; ‘Am I creating what I want in my life?’ Answering this honestly and objectively will give you some insight into whether you need to stay ‘on course’ and change direction. The question can also be positioned very differently, and can be more usful when assessing your current life situation; ‘What do I want to create in life?’ Take a few minutes to reflect on this, because it can be incredibly empowering and puts you back in the driving seat. If you have the will, and respect the power of choice, you can carve your path into the direction of anything you want.

Life will always be happening, but just like a piece of art, you can create it into a wonderful masterpiece by taking the stepping stones on that journey.